Tuesday, 13 July 2010

WoW in an Hour: Full Circle

I spent some time thinking last night (my wife had stolen my source of distraction - the computer) and as is always the case thinking is dangerous. One thing I realised is that my goals for this blog have been achieved. Not only is WoW a game that can be played in an hour, it is actually one of the few activities that I can actually achieve things within an hour.

Blizzard really have done a good job in rewarding the player for their efforts and even little time spent so that you feel you have achieved something. Leveling is relatively quick ,particularly with heirlooms. At max level gear is easily attainable and you can see the upgrades and the steady improvement. Interestingly I've found the gating of the heroics based upon gear to also be a point of reward (as well as frustration). As I've been gearing up my hunter, I'm eagerly awaiting the point where I can do heroic ToC, and the ICC 5 mans.

In stark contrast I realised that so many things on my todo list outside of playing WoW are not so easily achieved in an hour. With creative tasks like programming and writing projects I find I need more than just an hour because it takes me a good proportion of that time to get my head back into the space where I can pick up what I was doing. It either ends up with me staying up late (which I can't afford at the moment), or being frustrated.

This is farewell
Unfortunately blogging fits under this category as well. To be able to blog and to keep it up to my self appointed standards, each blog post takes me well over an hour, probably somewhere around the three hour mark. So to that end I am going to hang up my blogging hat. I want to specify an end to it and get some closure and not just quietly fizzle away, with a lingering burden to post.

I have really enjoyed writing this blog. It has given a vehicle to my thoughts and WoW brainspace. The original focus, of working out what it looked like to play WoW in an Hour, to my mind has been largely resolved with a resounding yes. My play time has changed, my focus has changed, but I'm still enjoying the game immensely even with limited time.

I'm proud of what I've done here. I actually lasted longer than I thought I would, and there are some posts that I've been really happy with (mostly linked up to the right).

Stuff unfinished
I had a couple of topics I did want to cover, but didn't, namely PvP and Roleplaying. The answer to both is yes - they both fit in. One comment in regards to roleplay, is that I've shied away from the roleplay side because it is something I like to undertake without interruptions - which is not how my play time is. It takes a different brainspace which WoW has not been for me, but it can certainly be a great place to engage in roleplay.

I'm not disappearing
I'm not pulling down the blog - I'm not sure how much will be relevant when Cataclysm hits, but in the mean time I hope it can be a resource to others like me who don't have a lot of play time each session... or who happen to be interested in what ever other topics I've covered.
I'm also not going to disappear from the interwebs. I'll stick around on twitter (although I have changed my handle to my internet name - gameldar) and you'll certainly see my commenting on other blogs. I'll most likely be contributing to the WoW universe as I can with work on addons - my own and also the WoWPro leveling guides. I'm guessing I'll also have ideas that I feel like writing about at some point (perhaps with a tanking focus). I'm not exactly sure how they end up being shared with you all, but I'll find a way!

So thank you for reading over the last six or so months, for the comments, for the feedback. This is part of the ebb and flow of life that we ride, people come and people go and I look forward to following along with those changes and seeing where the changes take us all.


  1. Aw Gameldar, sad to see you're closing up, but I wish you the best of luck in your next venture, whatever that may be :) Thanks for all your help and inspiration! <3

  2. Good luck in the game! We'll miss your timely (pun intended) posts and writings.

  3. <3

    You better still hang around with us, or I will weep.

  4. It seems so wrong that I've only just found your blog now that you're ending it :(

    Have fun! Whatever you choose to do to fill your time!

  5. Awww that sucks... It's totally understandable, but it still sucks.

    GL with the RL.

    If you ever get around to WoW-Blogging in 15 minutes, we'll be jumping down the throat of our feedreaders!