Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Is anyone out there?

Well I haven't posted here for over a year - but feedburner and blogger are telling me there are still people that have me subscribed... so thank you for your hope that I might one day return?

Anyway I have returned to a point - I've started a new blog over at http://gameldar.posterous.com - The Third Drawer

I offer no promises about it:
1. I've tagged it more as a geek blog - there'll definitely be WoW content - but ... as you can see the first post was actually about using Java for scripting. My interests are varied and I've been looking at things largely from a game design perspective. But be warned I might write about anything and everything... and it's likely to be a bearwall!
2. It isn't going to be a polished product - it's more a place for me to thought-dump and discuss ideas. I won't be doing any editing - and I write it all on my ipod on the train to/from work.

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